It’s been over a year since my last post and wow has life changed. Looking back on my last post it was literally the start of a 18 month journy to follow my dreams of living in the mountians and building my own cabin in the woods. Today I’m looking back on that moment and realizing that I did it! Holy crap, seriously I did it.

It’s not that I havent acomplished things in the past but honestly, how often to you envision a totally radical change in your life and make it happen? Not so often!

So what happened? Well while sitting at that desk, working remotly in the country I relized that there jsut was no reason I needed to spend another moment sitting in trafic and not enjoying the sububan prison I have spent my life wnating to escape. My wife and I went loooking for land while we were out enjoying the country and we found themost unlikely thing.. rural muntian property with gigabit internet! It the only requirement I really had in property, being a software engineer and avid gamer and to our surprise there is an entire county a co-op internet provider that shockingly provides high speed internet. I don’t know i you’ve ever tried to escape the city only to discover that the rural internet service is a pathetic flash back to the early 90’s but it’s not pretty out there!

With internet and land covered it was time to design a house so I learned sketch up and built a tiny house in sketch up, got it approved with the buiding department here in the county and pulled a buiding permit! The plan was to come here and buid the house then return to the city for a couple years but in the first 6 months of last year things changed again.

We gave up our rental house in the city and planned ot rent again when we returned but in the 6 months we were gone, rent pries went up 40-50%! It’s freakign nuts and I feel bad for all teh people getting soaked by the rent prices but we we forced to call it quits when after 3 months of loking we couldnt even find a lpace to rent because they were snached up the day they were listed… liek I said.. freaking nuts!

So we stayed where we wanted to be, and it was a good thign we did because that house we started back in April last year… took us until Nov to finish so we could move in! It was late do to a bunch of delays with windows being months late being delivered and trying to get the Electritians out to finish their final work. I built everything in this house with the help of one guy with the exception of plumbing and electic.. I am a terriable pluber and I cant wire a fuse box!

It was awesome, it was exhausting but looking back on it now, I would do it again! ACtually I’m going to build an addition to the house later this year! Looking forward to building it and having it done lol.

As a maker, I think building a house is the featehr in my cap so to speak. I have made a lot of things over the years and I’ll make more but nothing quite feels like the ultimate maker achievement unlock like building a house. I haghly recomend evey maker that feels they are up for the challenge, to do it! Do the outragous.